This site is dedicated to discussing travelling activities in India wherein the special emphasis is on travelling from Delhi to Jaipur. This route takes visitors through the Northern Indian State of Rajasthan, which is packed with impressive destinations and historical attractions waiting to be discovered.

There are several interesting ways of travelling from Delhi to Jaipur, although most people choose to make the journey by train. It is worth noting that there are different classes of train travel with prices assigned according to the class. People who want to travel in luxury and style will find that the first class carriages are very spacious and comfortable, while individuals who want to meet local people can opt for the second class. People who choose third class are likely to find that the carriages are rather crowded and feature hard wooden benches, which can be rather uncomfortable on long journeys. However, if you are looking for adventure, class really doesn’t matter.

Trains make this route through the state of Rajasthan several times a day and most of the destinations in Rajasthan are just a few hours apart. However, because train travel is so popular in India, the train usually needs to be booked at least three days in advance. Another type of train that lovers of luxury are sure to appreciate is the colonial style train known as the Palace on Wheels. A full range of creature comforts are provided on board including dining cars and sleeping births wherein the passengers simply need to sit back and relax as the state of Rajasthan slowly slides past their window.