Activities to Enjoy in Agra

Activities to Enjoy in AgraIn Agra you will find a number of things to do whether you want to exercise, observe the nature, satisfy your palate or empty your wallet. There are also plenty of traditional festivals that will amaze the tourists with colorful parades and an array of fun activities.

Bird watching is a popular pastime in Agra as the country’s most renowned water bird sanctuary, the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is located about 60 kilometers from Agra and makes a great day trip for those who wish to see rare species of birds. Also known as Keoladeo Ghana National Park, this impressive bird sanctuary is best visited from October to February as most of the birds of various species gather, filling the air with their song.

Cycling is a great way to explore Agra as you can stop to witness the sights and surrounding area at your own pace. Agra offers a beautiful, idyllic countryside where you can see lush-green mountains covered by white fluffy clouds and a clear blue sky. The best option is to rent a bike from your hotel.

India is renowned for its food and provides connoisseurs with various mouth-watering dishes. Mughal cuisine is believed to be the most lavish boasting scrumptious roasts, barbecue dishes, dry curries and stews. The most notable dishes include idli, cakes with rice and lentils and jalebi, sweet pretzel made from wheat and chickpea flour in sweet syrup.

Shopping is also popular and the most popular souvenir is a replica of Taj Mahal made out of marble. Local artisans also produce good leather products such as sandals, purses and bags. Crafts and rose wood goods make great souvenirs while sari, embroidery works and stone inlay works are very impressive in Agra. If you love Indian food, why not also buy some spices to take back home. Agra’s markets offer pickles, spices and Indian tea which come in good packaging, ready to be thrown into your suitcase.