Dining in Jaipur

Jaipur is the capital city of the Indian state Rajasthan in Western India. It’s also the largest city in that state with a population of 3.1 million people which makes it the tenth most populous city in India.

Dal Bati

Jaipur has a rich culture and the cuisine isn’t an exception. One of the most popular meals is called Dal Bati and it’s considered to be a delicacy. The dish is basically a soup served with wheat bread. Dal is the name of the soup which is made from mixed lentils that are cooked with various spices. Bati is the name for the bread. The dish is sometimes also called Dal Bati Chaach when it’s served together with a buttermilk (chaach).

Gatte Ki Sabji

This is a dish that’s a bit spicy. It’s dumplings in a spicy gravy. Gatte means dumplings and they’re made with chili powder to add some heat to it. The gravy, or Sabji, has dry chili and red chili powder. This is without a doubt a spicy dish unless the cook is very careful with the amounts.

Missi Roti

The flatbread known as Missi Roti is very popular in Rajasthan. It’s a combination of wheat flour and gram flour that’s seasoned with indian spices. There is a small element of heat in the bread that comes from a finely chopped green chili.


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