Spending Time in Delhi

Spending Time in DelhiDelhi is the capital of India making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country.

The city is rich in cultural heritage, and at times appears as a montage brought to life.

Delhi is a perfect mixture of new and old with Old Delhi dating back to the 17th century and New Delhi bursting at its seams with contemporary city life. In Old Delhi, there are a number places to visit that carry the heritage and history of the days of Rajas and Sultans. Ancient forts, mosques, mausoleums and historical museums tell the story of Delhi’s ancient history. New Delhi tells a different story, one in which the British played a major role, with its imperial buildings and British layout of the city. Together, the two have an allure and mystery that cannot be resisted.

The markets of Delhi are an integral part of its framework and something that should not be missed. You will find an unending energy that can only be fully experienced by visiting the hundreds of stalls which are all decked in the brightest of colors, selling the most unusual products. Delhi is an ideal destination for those who love to shop, not only because of the fascinating markets, but also because of the upscale shopping that is available throughout the entire city.

The recreational and leisure activities in and around Delhi are numerous and varied. Many activities, such as mountain climbing or skiing are also seasonal, so it really doesn’t matter when you choose to visit Delhi as there is always something to do here. Summers can get extremely hot, so spring and early autumn are usually the preferred times to visit the city.

There are a number of internal travel options for Delhi although international travellers may find it most convenient to fly directly into Delhi’s Indra Gandhi International Airport. Always check with your nearest Indian embassy or consulate regarding visa and health requirements.