Top Attractions in Delhi

Top Attractions in DelhiArt Galleries and museums are plentiful in Delhi. An artist sanctuary, world renowned art galleries and museums with items that date back more than 5000 years ago, Delhi has it all. One can savour in so many things without having to leave the city. The National Gallery of Modern Art has an impressive collection of 20th century contemporary work including painting by the renowned artist and poet, Tagore. Most importantly, works and portraits by Amrita Sher Gil and other famous Indian artist are also on display.

Sanskriti Kendra is more than a museum or an art gallery as it is a sanctuary for many artists and craftsmen who live and work here. Visitors can wonder around the eight acres and meet craftsman working in mud huts, or visit the more modern studios, workshops or library. Within the compounds, you will find the Kendra Art Gallery which displays work by the artists living on site.

The National Museum: be sure to schedule in a few hours for visiting this museum as it houses artifacts that cover more than 5000 years of history. There are hundreds of fascinating items on display including excavations from Indus Valley civilization sites, carved pillars and statues from the Maryan Empire (250BC). There are also Gupta terracotta dating from 400 AD, sandstone figures from Pallava temples, stone and bronze Buddhist statues, Tibetan manuscripts, Naga models, and a gallery of 300 musical instruments, clothing, tapestries, ornaments and weapons.

The Red Fort Archaeological Museum offers visitors the chance to view the exquisite displays of a rare collection of Mughal artifacts and personal belongings of the Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar including his silk robes which were embroidered with pearls and his silver hookah.

The National Rail Museum is an outdoor museum that has a collection of locomotives and carriages that are more than 150 years old. The main attraction of the museum are the special carriages that were used by rich British and Indians including the Gaekwar of Baroda’s Saloon which its gold and enamel decorated ceiling. A charming toy train takes children around the museum.